We don’t just provide personalisation solutions. We also offer a range of other creative services as well.

Whether it’s a simple marketing campaign requiring a fulfilment partner, or a comprehensive design strategy, complete with fulfilment and customer services, we are able to provide exactly what our customers require to the highest possible standard.



Intervino has represented some of the biggest
brands in the world, delivering...



We have worked in partnership with some of the UK’s leading online retailers, delivering...



For established retailers who have an online presence we can assist with hamper...



We provide personalised gifts for suppliers of global brands enabling leading corporates...

Intervino’s services include;

➔ Comprehensive gifting and fulfilment services

➔ The development of personalised product/gift solutions

➔ The development of web & e-commerce platforms

➔ The development of social media campaigns

➔ Gift design & pricing estimates

➔ The development of print & packaging solutions

➔ The delivery of comprehensive fulfilment services

➔ User experience planning for both the e-commerce platform and the campaign

➔ The management of online orders and integrated FMS

➔ Customer care services with help desk and online complaints response

➔ User data & statistical analysis to assist with future marketing campaigns

‘Flawless delivery on a high volume campaign
– incredibly reliable and efficient’


‘Impressive results and expert market advice provided by
highly skilled professionals’


Intervino’s fulfilment services are second to none. They are reliable, proficient and are able to
fulfil and deliver enormous product quantities in a short space of time. Each gift is assembled
and delivered with a personal touch, and no project is too difficult for them

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