How can Intervino (IV) help our company?

IV has delivered several high profile personalisation campaigns to leading names in the FMCG arena. These campaigns have cemented sales and customer loyalty for global key brands. We are able to offer basic fulfilment packages through to end-to-end personalisation solutions. Therefore, whether it’s a simple marketing campaign requiring a fulfilment partner, or a comprehensive website, product, gifting, or print/packaging design strategy, complete with fulfilment and customer services, we are able to provide exactly what our customers want to the highest possible standard. We also work with online retailers to provide and deliver personalised gifting solutions, and we manage large corporate gifting campaigns. We also act as a fulfilment partner, and can assist with hamper assembly, gift set creation and despatching of orders for online sales received via website portals for both traditional and non-traditional retailers. In short, we can send whatever you want to wherever you need to send it!

What volume of product could be sent by IV for our campaign?

We operate at scale and therefore in order to plan we need to understand what the requirements are from you. We can create a solution for a few hundred units over a fixed period or deliver targeted campaigns for hundreds of thousands - it’s all down to your requirements.

How should we send the product?

We have extensive warehousing facilities. You can send us palletised product in volume or tailor deliveries to suit the specifics of your product, be it new stock for a product launch or items which have a relatively short shelf life.

How should it look?

We can remove existing packaging and replace it with new if that is a requirement, which suits your manufacturing processes. Some products come unlabelled and we arrange for personalised and non-personalised labelling and gift packaging to be applied. The use of technology and digital printing effectively means each gift can be unique to the recipient.

What will be the costs involved?

The costs will depend on your requirements. You will need to consider the price and weight of the product, dimensions, print and packaging, enclosures, whether the gift must be tracked and signed for, service delivery requirements, customer services, and finally VAT.

How do we learn more?