Intervino was founded in 2005, to supply fulfilment services to mail order catalogue providers. By using the experience of its sister company, East Coast Wines, the concept of on-bottle personalisation was born. Operating through leading online portals, and direct to corporate customers, the highly popular notion of personalised alcohol was established. The next logical step was to use new printing and packaging technologies to extend the personalisation offer into different markets including FMCG, where on-product personalisation has become an incredibly popular on-trend concept.

Today, Intervino offers a range of creative provisions to complement its personalised gifting products and services, working in partnership with many of the world’s biggest FMCG companies to develop large scale campaigns. As a result, Intervino has developed a flawless reputation within the industry.


Our Philosophy  >>

Our philosophy is simple, it’s critical to get it right. Taking a product and turning it into a personalised gift is all about detail;

• Knowing the product, understanding both market and customer, and appreciating their brand loyalty, is where the journey begins

• Appreciating the detail really matters - the quality of the print, packaging, and overall user experience must remain at the heart of any solution

• Knowing that we need to fulfil every individual order to the highest standard possible for our customers is crucial…knowing the last thing we do is the first thing they see, is always at the forefront of our service

Investing in the Future  >>

Our investment philosophy is also simple, we invest in;

• Your product, your vision, and your expectation for personalisation

• The time and effort to “get it right” using our extensive experience acquired over the last decade to guarantee success

• Attention to detail. This is imperative as this is what you are remembered for and we must ensure we leave your consumer with a positive lasting impression

• The right infrastructure and people in order to deliver innovative solutions

• The most appropriate policies, practices, and procedures to make sure we “do it right” to meet industry standards or client service level requirements

Creating Lasting Partnerships  >>

Our dedicated and proactive team create results;

• We are a solutions based business, if it looks like it can’t be done or seems to be difficult we will work tirelessly to find the right result

• We work with our clients in partnership to combine our experience and your knowledge to develop an outcome which works for everyone

• We approach every project with a flexible and proactive attitude, and we have developed some of the highest profile personalisation solutions for the world’s leading brands and online retailers

‘Flawless delivery on a high volume campaign
– incredibly reliable and efficient’


‘Impressive results and expert market advice provided by
highly skilled professionals’


Intervino’s fulfilment services are second to none. They are reliable, proficient and are able to
fulfil and deliver enormous product quantities in a short space of time. Each gift is assembled
and delivered with a personal touch, and no project is too difficult for them

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